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Last updated 22 Apr 2017..Vehicle values updated

Welcome to the Escort mk2 Harrier website. Over time it is hoped this site will, with the help of other owners, buyers, site members and enthusiasts alike give a comprehensive guide and a more combined knowledge of the Escort Harrier.

First introduced in Dec 1979, the Harrier was based on the Escort 1600 Sport but with a few subtle differences. Only available in Diamond White or Strato Silver. It is believed that 1000 examples were made in White and 500 in Silver and produced between Dec 1979 and March 1980. Most were registered by April /May1980, but there are some that were registered later. Note:- Most Harriers are registered with the DVLA as 1600 Sport.

The blue stripes, Fishnet recaro seats, RS boot spoiler and RS wheels are some of the features that set the Harrier apart.

Please view the Harrier Register, last updated Jan 2013, (currently being updated) but remember that the register should not and can not be used to varify the originality of any Harrier. The best way to check this is via the cars history, previous owners and the car itself.

If you own a Harrier, and its not on the register but you would like it adding to the register, then please message me on the members page.

Enjoy your visit and bear with us as the site is updated and developed.

The Harrier register will be updated again soon.

Thank you for visiting,  Tony.

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Information on the Harrier and other Escort Mk2s can also be found in the following book by my friend and Author Dan Williamson.


The following 3 photos have been kindly sent to me courtesy of Ford Heritage.

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